Health Consultations

Specializing in:

Menopausal Balance

Bio-identical Hormones

Hyper / Hypothyroidism

Autoimmune Diseases

EMF Symptoms

Chronic Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue









Headaches / migrains

Vertigo / dizziness

Skin rashes / tingling / itching


Brain fog

Irritability behavior / disorders

Blurred vision

Tinnitus (ringing in ears)

Shortness of breath


Heart palpitations

Heart attack feeling

Nerve / muscle pain

Food allergies


Educational Health Consultation

with Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., NCMP, Ph.D.


Clinical Laboratory Scientist NAMS* Certified Menopause Practitioner Medical Researcher Author

Also specializing in electromagnetic fields (EMF) symptoms resolution.

Understanding what you are going through and how to get help can be a difficult and tedious process. 

Dr. Plourde's 25 years of experience allows her to quickly assess what works and what does not.

Her goal is to get you on the right track so that you can obtain the health care that is best for you and your family.

She accomplishes this by reviewing the details provided in your health evaluation.

By evaluating and considering the symptoms, she can put together a plan to address core health issues.  This process removes the guess work and “puts you in charge” of your health care needs.


Electromagnetic Sensitivity has been added to the educational health evaluation, because so many who find us are suffering from the EMF symptoms.  See list on left margin.


Health / EMS* Consultations

* Electromagnetic sensitivity

Female      $300

Male      $300


Download the Health Evaluation . . .

Consultations consist of:

  • Review of your detailed Health Evaluation.

  • Personal telephone consultation.

  • Correspondence outlining recommendations.

   See complete bio and experience . . .

See complete Curriculum Vitae . . .

* NAMs – North American Menopause Society

* Electromagnetic sensitivity





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