Live Blood Analysis

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2:32 minute summary showing the impact of electronic devices!

Dr. Magda Havas' Live Blood Analysis

This short presentation provides a great summary of what happens to blood cells and explains why they no longer have the ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.


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Live Blood Analysis

The following are samples from a report that compared live blood analysis of participants. 

The following are samples of human blood taken after:

1. Exposure to the average environment.

2. 1 hour of exposure to a cell phone radiation.

3. 1 hour of exposure to a cell phone with an electroDOT® attached, which is programmed to harmonize the energy field.



1. Live blood analysis:

Taken on arrival—normal blood before cell phone exposure.

Some of the red blood cells stick together, which is called rouleaux. This identifies there is a background of EMF radiation today that everyone is exposed to that alters our red blood cell membranes.




2. Live blood analysis:

After 1 hour of cell phone EMF exposure.

It is easy to identify the increase in rouleaux. In this shape the body’s tissues cannot be supplied with adequate oxygen. Also, red blood cells have to pass through tiny capillaries single file in a folded-over manner. When they stick together it is difficult for them to pass through capillaries, and they can cause breakage of the capillaries or form blood clots.


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  • Mobile and cordless phones

  • Computers

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3. Live blood analysis:

After 1 hour of cell phone use with an electroDOT® attached.

Source: Layfield P. The Effects of the ElectroDOT Electromagnetic Harmonizer on Live Bloods Following Exposure to EMFs

(independent research conducted for Phi Harmonics LTD, Devon, UK—unpublished). 

Reprinted with permission Phi Harmonics. 


See the complete research article:  Live Blood Analysis

It is clear that the harmonizing effect of the electro-DOT® resulted in maintaining the correct charge on the red blood cells, allowing them to separate and go back to their normal shape, so they can perform their critical function of delivering oxygen to all the tissues throughout the body. Please note that this is an improvement over the normal background shown in picture 1, even though the individual being tested was on a cell phone for 1 hour.






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