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Portrait of a Woman and Jesus:

He Look Through Her Eyes and into Her Heart

by Barbara Quillen Egbert with Artwork by Wilson Ong

Stories of encounters between Jesus and various women have been handed down through the centuries and give us a glimpse of how He responded to women with similar needs and desires as ours. Jesus eternal words of truth speak to feminine identity issues associated with value, safety, significance and beauty and confirm that He sees, notices, listens to, fully knows and will answer us today because of His grace filled-love!

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Portrait of a Woman and Jesus:

He Look Your Eyes and into Your Heart - A Personal Journey

by Barbara Quillen Egbert with Artwork by Wilson Ong


Portrait of a Woman and Jesus: He Looks Through Your Eyes and into Your Heart - A Personal Journey guides the reader through a journey of her heart with the intent of answering the honest questions she has about her identity, brokenness and relationship to God. By witnessing Jesus responses to the women He encountered and reflecting on His words of truth, the reader is encouraged to trust in His desire and power to bring wholeness into all areas of her life.

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About the Author

Author, Barbara Quillen Egbert, credits her life experiences in the roles as wife, mother, published author, educator, camp director and ministry leader as the foundation to her interest in and understanding of women’s identity issues as they relate to God’s original intent for their lives.

One of her most fulfilling roles was that of camp director of the SEP Camp in Minnesota where she was lovingly nicknamed “Momma Egbert.” It was during her involvement at the camp that she met the actor who portrayed Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew film. Through Bruce Marchiano’s portrayal and personal testimony, the author was given a glimpse of the zealous love Jesus has for each of God’s children, inspiring her quest to relate heart-to-heart with Him.

Due to the insights gained through her spiritual journey, the author can confidently state that a woman’s identity issues are primarily addressed through an intimate relationship with Jesus. Her interest in art combined with a personal encounter with Jesus provided the inspiration for the concept of the book Portrait of a Woman and Jesus – verbally and artistically capturing the portrait of a woman’s unique encounter with Jesus.

As a ministry leader, she readily shares her journey of experiencing God and encourages others to seek their own personal relationship with Jesus. Her greatest joy is when others experience the love, restoration, and peace found only in Him.

Born in Colorado, Barb has also lived in Iowa and Texas and now resides in California with her husband. She is blessed with three grown children and enjoys riding her cruiser bike along the beach, dancing, sailing, playing harp, tutoring young learners and walking through life with her friends. She loves exploring the coast of California in search of scenic places to write and experience God and His beautiful creation.



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